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Winter Orienteering• Happy Hour at the TowerRock Climbing 101• Wilderness Medicine (WFA/WFR)• Tiger Climb

Winter Orienteering

Venture Out is now offering winter orienteering courses for groups of 8 or more! Orienteering involves using a topographic map, magnetic compass, and land navigation skills to find your way to a series of checkpoints. Orienteering is a unique way for groups of all types to build trust, learn map reading and land navigation skills, and venture off the beaten path (literally).

The Rock Bridge Orienteering Area consists of 30 markers numbered 11-40 located throughout the park west of Hwy. 163.  Each marker has two red-and-white-striped Carsonite posts placed perpendicular to each other with lettering on one side. At each marker, participants collect a tw0-digit code as proof of finding the checkpoint. The Orienteering Area encompasses woodlands, grasslands, hills, hollows, creeks, ponds and sinkholes.

Your group will meet a Venture Out guide at Rock Bridge State Park in Columbia, Missouri. You’ll spend the first 30-45 minutes of your course learning the basics of orienteering. Then your group will set out on your trek through Rock Bridge State Park’s orienteering course. Our default course length is 3 hours, but the course length can be customized based on your group’s size and needs. Venture Out will provide maps and compasses for your group. Venture Out offers orienteering courses November through March. Click here to sign up for a course!

Happy Hour at the Tower

Happy Hour at the Tower is a free open climb event we hold twice a year in the fall and spring. This big event allows individuals (including Truman the Tiger) to check us out before bringing down a group. The event is free for anyone with an MU ID, and open to community members for $5 per person. Learn more at


Rock Climbing 101

(6 hours over 3 days)

Never rock climbed? Want to brush up on your rock climbing skills? Venture Out offers Rock Climbing 101, a three week course offered each September. Classes are open to students and community members over the age of 13. We will teach beginners the basics of rock climbing, while allowing veterans to hone their skills. Classes take place at the Venture Out complex and at Capen Park in Columbia, Missouri. Enrollment is limited. Click here for more information.

Wilderness First Responder and First Aid Courses

Venture Out offers Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification courses each year in January.

People involved in outdoor activities (Canoeing, Backpacking, Caving, Hunting, Fishing, Rock climbing) or who plan to pursue an outdoor career should strongly consider this exceptional leadership opportunity.

Many outdoor programs such as National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outward Bound and the federal government require WFR for entry level positions.

All wilderness medical trainings are taught by SOLO. These course course are open to everyone – students and non-students. Click here for more information or to enroll.


Tiger Climb

(1 to 3 hours)

Venture Out invites Summer Welcome participants to challenge themselves at Tiger Climb, a three hour open house style climbing event featuring our 60’ Alpine Tower. Tiger Climb is open to any interested incoming MU students participating in Summer Welcome.

Tiger Climb will take place from 1-4pm on Thursdays June 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2017. Students will need to arrange their own transportation to Venture Out. We recommend driving. See our Location Page for more.

Participation in Tiger Climb is limited to students only. Parents and guests are welcome to watch under our pavilion but climbing is limited only to students.

Space is limited and a $20 registration fee is required. Registration information is available on the Summer Welcome website and on the Summer Welcome Optional Activities page.