Special Events and Offerings

Happy Hour at the Tower

Happy Hour at the Tower is a free open climb event we hold twice a year in the fall and spring. This big event allows individuals (including Truman the Tiger) to check us out before bringing down a group. Learn more at our Happy Hour at the Tower page.

CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment

These courses are the same as regular Team Challenge Courses, but your group takes the CliftonStrengths talent assessment beforehand. As with all our low ropes courses, you can combine your CliftonStrengths/Team Challenge Course with a high ropes element.

CliftonStrengths (formally StrengthsFinder and StrengthsQuest) is a 30-minute online personality assessment. Based on your responses, it will determine your top five talent themes. These talents are innate ways of thinking and behavior patterns that you excel in. The Gallup organization interviewed successful people in a variety of career fields to understand what they did differently, to make them stand out. They found that successful people:

  • Know and build on their talents
  • Apply their talents in roles that fit them
  • Capitalize on their uniqueness
  • Invent ways to apply their greatest talents

CliftonStrengths helps you to discover and identify your top talent themes in a variety of settings. By becoming aware of these talents, you can develop them into strengths. Strengths can be utilized for success in all aspects of your life, including career planning and in the classroom. The assessment is all about focusing on your natural talents to maximize your potential.

Groups can purchase CliftonStrengths access codes from Venture Out for $20 per code. Participants will take the CliftonStrengths assessment before coming to Venture Out. Venture Out facilitators will incorporate language from CliftonStrengths into your Venture Out course debriefs. We can also offer a one-hour CliftonStrengths presentation to help your participants better understand their top five talent themes. This presentation can be done alone or in conjunction with a Venture Out course.

Length: 30 minute online assessment (can be done on participant’s own time) + optional 60 minute workshop
Audience: Perfect for high school-age participants up to corporate professionals
Cost: $20/person for CliftonStrengths codes, contact us for workshop pricing