Winter Orienteering

Orienteering involves using a topographic map, magnetic compass, and land navigation skills to find your way to a series of checkpoints. The orienteering course at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park consists of 30 markers (numbered 11 through 40) located throughout the western portion of the park. Some of the markers are located on trails or are visible from the trails. Other markers require hiking cross country across various terrain. Generally, the higher the number, the harder the marker is to find.

Your Venture Out orienteering course will begin with a 45-60 minute introduction to orienteering. This introduction can take place at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, or at the indoor or outdoor location of your choice. During this introduction, a member of the Venture Out staff will teach your group how to read a topographical map and magnetic compass. Then your group will travel to Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, where you will set off, in small groups, through the course. Groups can compete against each other to discover the markers with highest point values. Orienteering courses typically last 2 hours after the initial introduction (3 hours total). We offer this course during the winter months only (November through March).

Orienteering Info Sheet