MU Student Organization Funding

Bring your student organization to Venture Out at no cost to you!

Recognized MU student organizations in good standing can apply for honorarium funding through the MU Organization Resource Group (ORG) to come to Venture Out.

Please Note: Requesting ORG funding for Venture Out and requesting an actual Venture Out course are two separate processes. You have to do both.

Step 1

  • Request ORG funding by filling out your organization’s Budget Request Form on OrgSync.
    • The budget request submissions are located on each organization’s OrgSync page, under the “Treasury” tab, on the page labeled “Budgets.” Only people who are officers or Administrators of the group’s OrgSync page will be able to submit budget requests. Your organization must complete Administrative Training and Finance Training before you can make a request (click here for upcoming training dates). The Finance Training will teach you, step by step, how to complete a budget request. More information about honorariums budget requests can be found on the ORG Funding page of the ORG website.

Step 2

Other Things to Remember:

Budget Deadlines

You need to plan ahead to receive ORG funding – ORG only accepts budgets during specific periods throughout the year. Generally, ORG budget deadlines run a semester in advance. If you want funding for the spring semester, you must apply during the fall. Click here for more on ORG deadlines.

Pro Tips

ORG doesn’t just give out money willy-nilly. You gotta earn it. When you submit an ORG honorarium Budget Request, here are some tips to remember:

  • You will need to submit the names and student numbers of all the members of your organization who will be participating. The easiest way to collect student numbers from members is by creating an OrgSync form or using a shared Google Doc to collect the names and student numbers of all your members.
  • Make sure all your organization members are actually members of your organization’s OrgSync portal. If you request a Venture Out course for 25 members, but only 8 students are members of your OrgSync portal, you’ll likely only be approved for 8 students.
  • Give a valid, specific reason why you want your organization to come to Venture Out, and why your organization will benefit from coming to Venture Out. “Teambuilding” is not an answer.
  • Make sure you request a course within the timeframe specified by the Budget Deadline calendar. For example, funds requested on the September 16 deadline cannot be used until October 22.
  • You don’t need a price quote from Venture Out in order to apply for funding. When you go to the honorarium budget request form, select Venture Out. Then click the button that says “Fill Out Attached Form.” That has all the ORG pricing info on it.
  • Make sure your OrgSync portal is up-to-date and the officers have attended all mandatory ORG training.
  • If you apply and are denied, you will have the opportunity to appeal.


In some instances, your budget request may be denied by SOAC. Your group may not be in good standing, the committee may have needed clarification on your request, or you might have been missing documentation. Any denials are explained on the allocation memo. If you would like to appeal your denial, you should submit the appeal form on OrgSync (which will be sent to you with your original budget notification), and attach any other documentation that was requested. ORG will form an appeal committee to consider these requests.