Venture Out works with about 150 groups each year. We work with public school students and teachers, fire and police departments, MU student groups, academic classes, new student orientations, businesses, families, scout groups and nonprofits. Many groups return to use us every year.

We strive to make each course the best possible program for every group who visits us. We customize each course based on the group’s needs and goals. We use evaluations and satisfaction surveys to collect feedback.


What participants are saying:

  • “We brought 40 DECA students from 8 different high schools to the Venture Out high ropes course, and it was a fantastic experience. Our goal was to develop teamwork among the students, and the team did a terrific job accomplishing this. The students learned to work as a team and support each other to achieve a goal. I was also impressed with how well the Venture Out facilitators helped students take on the physical challenges of the course while keeping safety a priority. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with this program. We will definitely be back.”Scott Fuenfhausen, Columbia Area Career Center (2019) 

  • “The Venture Out facilitators were professionals in every sense. They worked well with the students ensuring a safe and fun experience. They were very engaged during the entire day. They also did a wonderful job helping our students who were a little less than confident power through the course. Kudos to the Venture Out Team. We will be back for sure. I’m recommending to other programs within Columbia Public Schools.” –Anonymous (2018)
  • “Coming to Venture Out was the best Professional Development day I have experienced in my 23 years in education. The challenging tasks made our staff work together through frustrating situations to solve problems. It allowed us to be very introspective and analyze how we could improve as a team in our work every day. I would highly recommend Venture Out.” —Tim Edwards, Boonville High School Principal (2014)
  • “Our facilitators were outstanding! They were super friendly and related to middle school students well. They were patient and FUN! Our facilitators helped bring the lessons and learning out of every experience. They made our experience so enjoyable. Thank you so so much! You are awesome at what you do!” —Angela Gay, West Middle School Nurse (2016)
  • “This was the best experience we’ve ever had in three years of teambuilding/professional development programs. Two of us attending regularly facilitate team building activities, and we thought your facilitators did a fantastic job setting up activities, running them and debriefing them in an efficient manner. The entire event from start to finish was smoothly run and well-organized. We were SO, SO impressed with how things went this year. Our facilitators were professional and brought just the right amount of fun to the afternoon. Everyone really had a great time! –Anonymous (2017)

Additional Comments:

  • “This was an AWESOME party for my 10 year old son and his baseball team! The facilitators were fantastic and the boys all LOVED it!! Challenged them just enough and they all had a BLAST!! Thank you!!”
  • “It was great! The facilitators were excellent; they made us feel comfortable and confident. The exercises were very helpful in making us successfully work together as a team. No complaints, thank you!”
  • “The instructors were great, and seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did. They were willing to work with us to get the course done when the weather was being uncooperative. The course was fun and well designed, and safe. The instructors obviously made the safety of the group the first priority. The course emphasized teamwork, and taught good lessons, and most of all was fun. I would definitely recommend this to future groups.”
  • “Will do this again – terrific experience from start to finish.”
  • “All of the activities we did were really good and taught us how to help each other in a way that we have never really thought about before.”
  • “This opportunity was extremely beneficial. The students are still talking about the fun and the learning opportunity. We had a grade range of 3rd-8th. The program we did met all of our students’ needs. The location was perfect. Thank you! We will come back.”