Team Challenge Course

The Team Challenge Course is our on-the-ground (low ropes) teambuilding course. During a Team Challenge Course, our staff will present your group with a series of challenges that focus on trust, effective communication, conflict resolution, and other leadership topics. You identify the learning outcomes for your group and we customize a course just for you, choosing from a bank of nearly 100 different initiatives. Activities can be all physically challenging, all cognitively challenging, or a mix of both. Many groups choose to combine a TCC with one of the high ropes options.

Venture Out is an experiential learning zone. Your group will leave having learned something. During each activity, your group will have to work through conflict in order to succeed. Each activity concludes with a thorough debrief, where your group can reflect on how their actions during the challenge could apply to their group outside Venture Out.

Our Team Challenge Courses are our most accessible courses. We can design courses for groups of all ages and ability levels. The pavilion at the Venture Out complex is ADA accessible.

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Need us to come to you? No problem! We can hold a Team Challenge Course at the outdoor or indoor location of your choice. Venture Out has held programs at high schools, businesses, parks, conference centers, and more.

Indoor Team Challenge Course

Indoor Team Challenge Courses bring all the fun and challenges of a Team Challenge Course to the indoor or outdoor location of your choice! These courses are great for high school or college classes, for when your group doesn’t have time to travel, and for the cold winter months.

Activities used during indoor programs usually are less physically challenging and more cognitively challenging. We can do an indoor Team Challenge Course anywhere with a wide open space. Gyms, conference centers, and open fields are all great options.

Need an indoor space? Ask us about reserving a space at MizzouRec.

Off-Site Team Challenge Course

We Travel! We are assuming that you have reserved and prepared a space to accommodate your group size and activities.