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Venture Out offers high and low ropes teambuilding courses customized to fit your group’s needs and goals. Below, you’ll find a quick synopsis of our three most popular courses.

Team Challenge Course (on-the-ground teambuilding)

During a Team Challenge Course, our staff will present your group with a series of on-the-ground challenges that focus on trust, effective communication, conflict resolution, and other leadership topics. This course is accessible for all people, and is customized to fit your group’s needs and goals. Venture Out can host your group at our complex or at the indoor or outdoor location of your choice. Many groups choose to combine a TCC with one of the high ropes options. Learn more.


Odyssey High Ropes Course

Our newest and most popular course, the Odyssey Course takes the teamwork in a Team Challenge Course and adds the additional challenge of being 35 feet off the ground. Participants use each other to navigate this teamwork-focused high ropes obstacle course. After working together to complete the course, participants zipline to the ground. Learn more.


Alpine Climbing Tower

Individuals scale a 60-foot climbing tower at their own pace while they work to set and accomplish personal goals. Participants belay each other, which facilitates trust and communication among individuals. This course is a little more accessible for participants who are hesitant about climbing than the Odyssey Course. Learn more.