Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and are excited to share their wide array of knowledge about the outdoors! These clinics will be hosted at the MizzouRec Climbing Wall and are included in your MizzouRec membership. Make sure to register for clinics beforehand by following the according View Sessions button.

Knots 101

Learn basic-advanced climbing knots and some of their uses based on group experience level. Some knots that may get taught include: overhand on a bight, figure 8 on a bight, figure 8 follow through, girth hitch, clove hitch, alpine butterfly, prusik, autoblock, and more!

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Climbing 101

Learn all of the basics to climbing at the MizzouRec Climbing Wall and skills that you can take outside of our space. This clinic covers what gear you need, and how to inspect and use the necessary gear. We also go over how to tie in to a rope, how to belay for top rope, the basics of bouldering, and some basic techniques for climbing.

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