Waivers and Participant Packet

When you request a program for your group, the group leader will receive a course agreement email, a packet of information regarding our policies (Group Leader Packet), and a packet of information for your participants (Participant Packet & Waivers). The group leader will send the Participant Packet and Waivers to their participants. These packets can also be found below.

All Venture Out participants must fully complete and sign a waiver, which includes a Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Risk form and a Health Questionnaire. Waivers must be completed in order to participate in all courses. Participants under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you have questions about the participant packet or waivers, please email us at ventureout@missouri.edu.

Please note that we use one waiver for all of our courses (high ropes, on-the-ground, orienteering), so your waiver may reference activities that you will not be participating in. All participants must present a physical (paper-copy) of their completed waiver when they arrive to the course.


Please note that there are two different liability waivers—one for minors and one for adults. Please fill out the appropriate liability waiver accordingly.

If the corresponding waiver is not filled out properly, you will be turned away and unable to participate. For example, if a parent/legal guardian of a minor fills out the adult waiver that minor would be unable to participate. Health Questionnaire Forms attached at the bottom of the liability waiver must also be filled out for anyone participating.

Adult Liability Waiver and Release Agreement & Health Questionnaire Form

The adult waiver is to be filled out by anyone 18 years old or older. Please make sure that the waiver is fully completed upon arrival.

Minor Liability Waiver and Release Agreement & Health Questionnaire Form

Any minor who arrives without a parent/legal guardian signature on both the minor liability waiver and health questionnaire will not be permitted to participate. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must adhere to these requirements.

Participant Packet

Please come prepared to your Venture Out course! Review our Participant Packet to find directions to the course and details on what to bring. A few things include a full water bottle, hair tied back to accommodate a helmet, and closed-toed shoes (Crocs, Chacos, and other “athletic” sandals do not count).