MizzouRec Climbing Wall

Venture Out and the MizzouRec Climbing Wall have merged! Expect to see a wide expansion of Climbing Wall offerings such as clinics like Climbing 101 and more! This also means that Venture Out indoor courses at MizzouRec can include the Climbing Wall area.

Climbing Wall Hours

Our 2024-2025 Hours are Monday-Thursday 2:00PM – 11:00PM, and Friday-Sunday 2:00PM – 8:00PM. You can check the calendar below to see our exact hours each week. We close top rope climbing during the summer and resume hours when the academic year begins. If our top rope wall is closed, feel free to check out our bouldering wall, which is reset twice a semester, including the summer!

What is the Climbing Wall?

The MizzouRec Climbing Wall has a bouldering and top rope section. Our walls are built to resemble the Missouri limestone found in the Columbia area. Whether you have never climbed before or have been climbing for years, everyone is welcome!

Need Gear?

The MizzouRec Climbing Wall offers rental gear in the Climbing Wall’s office including climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk, and belay devices. This cost is included in your MizzouRec membership. This is only available during Climbing Wall hours.


The MizzouRec Climbing Wall features a bouldering area at its entrance. Bouldering is climbing without a rope and harness. Instead, you climb above a crash pad which softens your fall. Our bouldering wall is about 9 ft tall and has natural features as well as plastic climbing holds for a wide variety of climbing. This area is open any time that MizzouRec is open.

Top Rope Climbing

The MizzouRec Climbing Wall also features a top rope climbing area (the top of which can be seen from the Jungle Gym workout area!) Top rope climbing involves wearing a harness which is tied to a rope that leads to the top of the wall and then back down to a belayer. Our top rope wall is 35.5 ft tall and has 5 different ropes available for climbing. Top rope is only offered when the MizzouRec Climbing Wall is open. During that time, staff can belay for patrons, or you and a friend can test out and belay for each other.

Belay Tests

In order to belay at the MizzouRec Climbing Wall, members must pass a belay test. This includes performing a safety check with the climber, properly putting on a harness and belay device, showing proper use of PBUS (Pull Break Under Slide), and catching one announced and one unannounced fall from a climber. You must present your belay card to belay after you test out.