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Odyssey High Ropes Course

(2 to 5 hours)

Our newest and most popular course, the Odyssey High Ropes Course is a teambuilding-focused high ropes obstacle course. This two-level course is built to allow teams to accomplish goals 20 and 40 feet off the ground. After successfully navigating the course, the team celebrates their accomplishment by flying to the ground on a zipline or by rappeling. The Odyssey Course can hold up to 50 participants at one time.

Built in 2013, our Odyssey Course features four distinct teambuilding challenges. Team members have to physically work together in order to complete the course. After completing the first two events, our facilitators will debrief with the group before moving on to the final two. When everyone is on the ground again, our facilitators will lead your group through a thorough group debrief.

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Recommended Length of Program by Group Size

8-10 participants: 2 hours
11-25 participants: 3 hours
25-40 participants: 4 hours
40+ participants: 4 or more hours