Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that we are frequently asked. If something is not covered here, email us at or give us a ring at 573-882-8585.

What are your hours of operation?

We host courses from sun up to sun down, seven days a week, all year long! However, Venture Out’s office hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. There will be days when we are not in the office because we are working with a group at our complex. Because of this, email is often the best way to contact us.

How do I know what days are still available?

Go to our Calendar Page to see our availability week by week. Look around to find the day and time that work best for your schedule, request a program, and wait for a contract to be sent to you!

How much does Venture Out cost?

Costs vary depending on your group type, course length and course type. We offer significant discounts to non-profit and student groups. See our Pricing page for more information. For an exact quote for your specific group, send us an email at

Where is the Venture Out complex?

The Venture Out complex is located about five minutes south of the main MU campus in Columbia, Missouri. We’re located off of Providence Road, near the MU Research Commons, the Green Tennis Center, Reactor Field, and Epple Field. For directions and a map, visit our Location Page. Please note: the Venture Out office and the Venture Out complex are different places, but they both show up on Google and Apple maps! If you are using a GPS, please double check that you’re going to the right place by using our location page. You’re looking for the Venture Out that’s located next to the Green Tennis Center.

Is Venture Out outdoors?

Venture Out is all outside. We do not have an indoor space, heating, or air conditioning. When you come to our complex, make sure you dress for the weather! We do offer indoor courses on the MU campus or at the location of your choice.

What are high and low ropes courses?

High and low ropes courses are outdoor teambuilding programs. Low ropes courses are literally low to the ground. These courses, called Team Challenge Courses, include on-the-ground teambuilding activities like logic puzzles and other teamwork-focused games. High ropes courses are literally high above the ground. These courses, which include the Alpine Climbing Tower and the Odyssey High Ropes Course, incorporate both team and individual challenges. All challenges conclude with a thorough group debrief.

What do I need to do to get my group to Venture Out?

The first step in getting your group to Venture Out is completing the “Request a Program” form on our website. If you need help picking an available date, see our Calendar Page. After that, we will send you a contract for your signature and waivers for your group members to sign. Once your contract has been returned you are officially signed up and your spot has been permanently held.

Is there a minimum group size?

Venture Out hosts groups of at least 8 people.

What should I expect during my Venture Out course?

Venture Out facilitators will lead your group through challenges that require communication, teamwork, problem solving skills and leadership. We strive to help your group emerge from the experience closer and more cohesive. You’ll have fun with us.

What's the deal with the waivers?

All Venture Out participants in indoor and outdoor courses need to complete and sign a waiver. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver. It’s the law! For our waivers and all other forms, see our Waiver Page.

Can I come to Venture Out without a group?

Not really. Venture Out courses focus on teambuilding, so our minimum group size is 8 people. However, twice a year, Venture Out hosts Happy Hour at the Tower, a free open climb event for students and community members. These events are the only times you can climb without a group.

What is Happy Hour at the Tower?

Once each semester, Venture Out hosts an open house event called Happy Hour at the Tower. Anyone is welcome to come check out our complex and climb.

Where is the Venture Out office located?

The Venture Out office is located on the second floor of the MU Student Center in the Center for Student Involvement. Our mailing address is: 2500 MU Student Center, Columbia, MO 65211.

I heard I can get funding for my group?

If you are an MU Student Organization in good standing, you can request funding through ORG for high and low ropes courses and Wilderness Medicine training. Learn more at our ORG Funding Page.

Where else can I find a WFR/WFA course?

Unfortunately we are one of the only outlets for WFR/WFA courses in Missouri that we know of. We offer each course once a year in January. For a full listing of when and where these types of courses will be offered, visit SOLO’s website.

When and how do I pay for my Venture Out course?

Venture Out sends invoices once the course is over. You can expect to see the invoice a few business days after your course. Invoices will be sent to whatever email address was put in the contact information for the course request. Venture Out accepts a variety of payments including MoCodes, cash, check, and credit card. Instructions for each of these payment methods are included with your invoice.