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Work for Venture Out

Venture Out staff pose with their arms up at Venture OutVenture Out employs current Mizzou students as challenge course facilitators. Facilitators lead groups through our high and low ropes teambuilding programs. Our staff are trained in technical high ropes and climbing skills, as well as in experiential education theory, group facilitation, and debrief skills. No previous climbing or experiential education experience is necessary to apply.

We’re looking for people who are eager to learn and love to have fun. We’re looking for people who love the outdoors, who love working with diverse groups of people, who are confident, and who care about leadership development. Venture Out is committed to hiring a diverse staff. No previous high ropes experience is necessary. First and second year students are encouraged to apply.

Applications are open now! Click here to apply. Applications close Sunday, October 14 at 11:59pm.

WHAT: Venture Out is the University of Missouri’s outdoor experiential education program. We offer customized teambuilding courses to groups of all types utilizing high ropes and on-the-ground challenge courses. Venture Out facilitators are the people who lead the groups (ranging from elementary school students to corporate professionals) through our challenge courses.

WHO: Venture Out facilitators are energetic and positive, love to be outside, are able to think on their feet, and are able to connect with diverse groups of people. New facilitators go through one semester of paid training (six hours a week at $8.25/hour) before they become full Venture Out facilitators. Facilitators who have completed training do not have a set schedule, and work 0-10 hours a week at $9.00/hour. Hours vary greatly week to week, and by season.

WHEN: Venture Out hires facilitators in the fall and trains them in the spring. It’s strongly preferred that students work for at least one month during their first summer (summer 2019). Venture Out is open year-round, but students work significantly more in the fall, summer and spring than in the winter.


  • Extraordinary public speaking skills
  • How to calmly and confidently manage high-stress situations
  • Effective communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork strategies
  • How to facilitate high-quality programs for groups ranging from elementary school students to corporate professionals
  • Experiential education and leadership development theory

DO I NEED A CAR? Venture Out is located about 5 minutes driving away from the main MU campus. While having a car is helpful, it’s not necessary. There is a free bus that runs every 10 minutes between campus and Venture Out on weekdays only. It is also a 20 minute flat, shaded bike ride on the MKT trail from campus to Venture Out.

Have questions or want more info? Email us at

What our current staff are saying: 

“I love working for Venture Out because it never feels like I am working an actual job. Having the opportunity to work with your best friends and still get paid has been such a unique and awesome opportunity. Apply. It will literally be the best decision of your entire college career. I have been working at Venture Out for almost three years now and I have never regretted it for a second. It is a great opportunity to not just have a unique working experience but to also improve yourself and your own leadership skills.” -Sarah Seibert, Journalism

“I love working at Venture Out because it honestly never feels like a job. I have learned so much at Venture Out! It has really challenged me to push the limits of my Comfort Zone and explore my own personal leadership style. I’ve learned how to facilitate groups in a manner that makes the entire team feel included and helps groups self-identify solutions to problems not only for the activity at hand but solutions for problems they may be struggling with internally. It also helped me in identifying my passion for leadership development and experiential education, providing me with amazing skills that I can apply to jobs post-graduation.” -Carter Koen, Psychology

“I love working at Venture Out because I love to see how a group can transform from the beginning of their time with us to when they leave. It’s so rewarding to see a group of people become an effective team, and to know that you personally had something to do with that. I have learned so many impactful lessons from participants, fellow staff, and through my own experiences on the course that have truly helped me grow as a leader and as a person. If you want to work with a staff you can call close friends and have a lot of fun, all while making a difference, you should work at Venture Out!” -Lizette Burciaga, Journalism